The beauty of art

Art. Many things can hide in this term. And today I was thinking about it very much and I need to share this.

I was watching few opera’s from BedÅ™ich Smetana like Moldau No.2 played by Berlin orchestry. I always included to classic music but I never was a huge fan of it. You know.. I like it and it really pleases my ears but I don’t know much about it. Although I wish I had but there are these things in your life that you simply can’t catch up to no matter how hard you try. 

Anyways. I’ve been watching and I started to cry. It was so beautiful. All the passion, all the hard work people give into this…

I mean most of them spend their entire lives to this and the result.. It’s so perfect. It’s like a machine that only works with all the pieces together. Or a body that can’t work without a blood. 

They are giving it everything they have and I’m very thankful that there are such people in this world.

Everyone that works this hard on something.. Don’t give up please. And thank you for your work!

Underwear? You need that, human?

Today was to be a catastrophie from the moment I went outside.
Let me get this clear first. Nessie is quite a hyperactive dog. That one that chews on your shoes and socks and destroys everything. So according to that I have to get rid of her energy first thing first every morning before I leave to school. Which means me&her&ball get a little trip outside.

So we went even this morning of course and throughout the night it was snowing a little so in the morning everything was covered in that half icy half snowy kind of thing. 

I was throwing the ball to Ness and every time it took her longer than usually to get it back. I realized it was cold for her to hold it in her mouth. 

Well no problem on that but time ticked away and soon we had to get home. She didn’t want to. She wanted to stay outside and play in the snow. Obviously. 

When I was about to leave she stared at me the way she never does but I was like hey maybe she’s just sad since she wanted to be outside more.

So I went to school. By the way the bus was 30 minutes delayed…duh…

I came home from school and from the first look at her I knew she did something. She has those puppy eyes every time she does something she’s not supposed to.

Well you know… She chewed on a little box where was cocoa powder which I’m not entirely sure where she found. She ate the powder and that gave her energy (as any food to her does) and so… She destroyed stuff.

Final results : 2 pairs of socks and 5 pieces of underwear were torn apart.

Good job Monster seriously.

Where to begin…

Basically I have no idea what should I write about. I only know that I always write some things down so I thought this might be just a good oportunity.

Well for the beggining – let me introduce myself.

My name is Tereza I am currently 18 years old and I live in a quite small country in a middle Europe called Czech Republic. I study high school, I’m heading to get myself a driving licence and most important of it all – I have a dog.

She is the most important thing to me right now so if I’m gonna post something it’s gonna be like 85% Nessie. That’s right that’s her name. Or more likely it’s Loch Ness Monster but I just call her Nessie.

She is a german shepherd pitbull mix and now is something about 19 months old. Right now she’s making a little fluff ball next to me.

Anyways… I love dogs and I know lot of things about them and how should they be treated and trained so I’ll possibly post about that too. Don’t judge my addiction please.

Well that’s it for the little introduction.

Let’s see where this all goes shall we…